About Us

Established in 2006. We are a BCA registered general builder CW01-C1, mechanical engineerĀ  ME11-L1 and landscaping MW03-L1.

Our main customers include various sources from Developers, Consultants, Designers & Maincon.

From a modest building maintenance sub-contractor in year 2006, we have escalated through successful innovations to handle main project from year 2009.

In year 2010, recognizing the constraints of and cost of consideration in Singapore, Ye Qi began to re-structure and expand to stay competitive. With a staff strength of 10 persons, we have risen to a number of 60 as of to date. We will not stop here and will continue to strive for improvement through courses, upgrading, research and development.

Our Workforce & Facilities

Ye Qi has a total strength of 15 management team from upper management level to lower management team.

Ye Qi Factory has a 1873 sq.ft of Office & Production Area.

Ye Qi has total of approximately 50 employees from varnishers, carpenters down to general workers.

Ye Qi workers quarters has an area of 3600 sq ft for accommodation

Awards & Certifications

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